Quantum Helium Liquefiers


The Series 4x10 QUANTUMCOOLER systems are laboratory-scale helium liquefiers designed to provide a reliable cryogen source for research and small industrial use, including materials studies, superconducting magnet cryostats, accelerator targets, and magnetometers. An advantage of using Quantum liquefiers is that liquid helium is immediately available when needed, without worrying about supplier delays or unnecessary liquid helium transfers. Convenience is assured as the systems are fully automated for unattended continuous operation.


The Quantum liquefiers have the following defining features and advantages:

  • A combination of external closed-cycle cryogenic helium purifier and internal cryogenic helium purifier allows for reliable operation with recovered helium gas
  • Reliable, well-proven technology: Gifford-McMahon (G-M) helium refrigeration cycle backed by a Joule-Thomson (J-T) expansion stage.
  • PLC-based control system for convenient cool-downs, steady operation, purges, and shutdowns. All processes are fully-monitored with safety alarms and interlocks.
  • Includes liquid helium level gauge for fully automatic operation.

The Quantum liquefiers include:

  • QUANTUMCOOLER Series 4000 Cryostat with closed-cycle cold head cooling
  • Closed-cycle helium gas compressors for cycle cooling
  • Internal final finishing purifier with automatic purge control
  • Programmable Logic Controller for fully automatic operation
  • Interconnecting piping, J-T gas buffer tank, adsorber and wiring.

To be specified by customer before ordering:

  • Water- or air-cooling option for the helium refrigeration compressors
  • Electrical power available: volts, phase, frequency
  • Choice of internal reservoir capacity if not 50L

Accessories available:

  • Helium gas recovery system (low pressure or high pressure)
  • Liquid helium dewar for external storage or transport
  • Helium gas purity meter