Cryogenic Purification


Quantum Technology Corp. produces several types of cryogenic purifiers. They are designed for all applications requiring purified helium gas, including the use with helium liquefiers (also produced by Quantum).

Quantum produces cryogenic purification systems with a wide range of capacities and purity limits. You can find below, as examples only, two models with capacities of up to 40 liters/day liquid helium equivalent of helium gas with up to 1% impurities. It is noted that both systems shown below can be designed for higher capacity; for pricing contact Quantum.

Up to 60 liters per day

Up to 200 liters per hour

Liquid Nitrogen Purification System

The first model shown here, Q09.1-LN2 TRAP, uses liquid nitrogen for the removal of impurities. The cooled impurities are changing phase and are thus separated from the helium gas.

Autofill and manual regeneration controls are included.

The liquid nitrogen consumption is approximately the same in liters as the flow of helium gas through the purifier, calculated as a liquid equivalent.

The advantage of this system is the lower CAPEX price, and the drawback is the need to supply liquid nitrogen for cooling.

Cold Head Purification Systems

The second model presented here, Q09.1-CH TRAP, uses a cold head for cooling and thus impurity removal, replacing the need for liquid nitrogen.

Manual regeneration tools are included.

This model carries a higher CAPEX, however it is recommended in situations where the supply of liquid nitrogen is not readily available, or the price – high

QTC Part Number


Q09.1-LN2 TRAP - 2 - DEWAR

Dual LN2 Traps with 150L Dewar for GHe Purification with Manual Regeneration, LN2 autofill and Transfer Line.Can also be used for pre-cooling Gaseous Helium before liquefaction.


Cold Head Cooled Trap for Gaseous Helium Purification with Manual Regeneration and Transfer Line.Can also be used for pre-cooling Gaseous Helium before liquefaction.

Q09.1-LN2 TRAP - 1

Single LN2 Trap without Dewar without LN2 Autofill

Q09.1-LN2 TRAP - 1 - DEWAR

240L LN2 Dewar 25” Diameter with 9” Neck for above


LN2 Autofill System