Baloon Grade Helium Gas Recovery


"Balloon Grade" Helium represents a slightly impure Helium. While there is no scientific definition of this quality, it is often accepted that the purity of "Balloon Grade" Helium is around 99%. Under these circumstances, the low-pressure metal storage in the High Pressure Recovery Systems can be replaced by a gas-bag of different dimensions. By using such a method, the CAPEX can be reduced by not using a low-pressure compressor and metal storage. However, the Helium quality in the system will degrade progressively, so a careful techno-economical study must be performed. Quantum experts can assist in the optimization of the system.


The more commonly employed components and specifications of a high pressure balloon grade helium recovery system are:

  1. High Pressure Compressor - Q09.4-HRP series
    • reciprocating (piston) type
    • multi-stage
    • inlet atmosphericâ¨outlet pressure to 330 bar (5000 psi)
    • flow rates from 8 Nm3/hr to 44 Nm3/hr (5 scfm to 26 scfm)
    • electric motor drive (gas or diesel motor drive available on special order)
  2. Gas Recovery Bag - Q09.4-BAG-[material]-[size] (E.g.: Q09.4-BAG-S1-11M)
    • low permeability modified urethane elastomer
    • standard volumes from 3 m3 (100 ft3)
    • nominal shape is approximately semi-cylindrical, but may be manufactured to fit your space
    • necessary accessories:
      • Gas bag inflation sensor to activate compressor - Q09.4-CONTROL
      • Pressure relief valve - Q09.4-PR
      • Isolation valve - Q09.4-BV
  3. High pressure distribution and storage
    • Standard high pressure gas cylinders, usually supplied by customer or bulk gas supplier
    • Manifold (Q09.4-HP-MAN) equipped with shut-off valves, bleeder valves, and pressure gauges as necessary
  4. Optional:
    • Helium Gas Purity Meter to monitor gas contamination - Q11.4-TC-2

Schematics of the System: Example of Quantum's Total Helium Solution