Air-cooled Piston Compressors


Quantum sells a variety of high pressure helium compressors, covering a wide range of flow rates and inlet/outlet pressures.  The compressor is generally connected to the outlet of the helium recovery process or to a low pressure helium storage recipient such a tank or a gas bag.  The outlet of the compressor is generally connected to a high pressure storage tank.

Common Features

  • Outlet Pressure - Adjustable to 200 bar (3000 psig)
  • Inlet Pressure - Atmospheric to 0.3 bar over atmospheric (0 to 5 psig)
  • Compressor starts and stops automatically as required
  • Automatic depressurization of inter-stages when stopped.
  • Automatic shutdown on low oil
  • Automatic shutdown on high temperature
  • Special filter and purifier on outlet to remove oil droplets and moisture from the helium
  • V-belt drive from electric motor
  • All valves and seals are easily field replaceable.

Approx. dimensions: 0.8 x 0.5 x 1.2 m.

Mass range: 200 – 400 kg.

Power Requirements: As per request, we supply compressors worldwide.  When ordering, please advise your three phase power line voltage and frequency.

Alternate Motors: Single phase and internal combustion engine motors available at extra cost.


  • LOW MAINTENANCE OPTION: If a compressor is fitted with V-belt pulleys to reduce the compressor speed to 1200 or 900 rpm this will substantially reduce piston operating temperatures, improve reliability and reduce maintenance. This reduces the pumping capacity according to the rpm ratio. If additional capacity is required in the future then it is simple to change the V-belt pulleys to increase the rpm. Specify desired rpm when ordering.
  • HEATERS: Q09.4-HRP-Heaters – Installation of block heater and electrical control box heater if the compressor is to be located outside or at a temperature below zero degrees C.
  • QUIET OPERATION: Q09.4-HRP-SPSI – Special sound damping insulating metal enclosure to reduce the noise if the compressor is to be located in a hallway or workshop.
  • SYNTHETIC LUBE: Special synthetic lubricant to extend oil change interval to 2000 operating hours.


  • HELIUM GAS RECOVERY BALLOON: Q11.1-BAG-mat-vol – To act as a buffer between the compressor and the Helium recovery system.
  • BALLOON INFLATION SENSOR: Q09.4-HRP-CONTROL – Electronic balloon level sensor to activate compressor automatically.
  • HIGH PRESSURE VALVE MANIFOLD: Q09.4-HRP-MAN – Allows multiple cylinders to be connected to the compressor, each with its own valve and flexible high pressure line.
  • AUTOMATIC CHANGEOVER VALVE: Q09.4-HRP-COV – Will shift automatically from one bank of cylinders when full to the second bank.
  • LOW PRESSURE VALVE MANIFOLD: Q09.4-HRP-LPMAN – Allows multiple recovery lines to be connected to the gas balloon, each with its own shutoff valve.

Maintenance Items

  • CONSUMABLES KIT: Includes common consumable replacement items: Two replacement helium drier absorption cartridges, high pressure exhaust valve, compressor lubricant container and common replacement gaskets.
  • REPAIR KIT: "Two year" compressor repair kit, including 28 items for a compressor overhaul with replacement valve parts for all stages as well as replacement gaskets.


  • Parts are available for rapid delivery for maintenance requirements.

Q09.4-HRP Series High Pressure Recovery Compressors

Quantum Part Number Motor HP RPM SCFM at 60 Hz Nm^3/hr at 60 Hz Maximum  Pressure PSI
Q09.4-HRP-60 2.2 1800 2.7 4.6 4500
Q09.4-HRP-100 5 1470 4.9 8.4 4500
Q09.4-HRP-120 6.5 1470 7.6 12.9 4500
Q09.4-HRP-12.1 10 1320 12.1 21.6 4500
Q09.4-HRP-15.1 15 1320 22.0 33.8 4500
Q09.4-HRP-18.1 17 1320 19.5 33.1 4500
Q09.4-HRP-22 28 1320 33.0 56.1 4500
Q09.4-HRP-23 46 1400 52.0 88.3 4500
Q09.4-HRP-25 50 1225 70.0 118.9 4500

Recovery System Parts and Accessories

Quantum PN Description
Q09.4-HRP-5000 Larger Oil Filter - Recommended
Q09.4-HRP-SPSI-120 Silent Shroud araound compressor
Q09.4-BAG-mat-vol Helium Gas Bag  
Q09.4-PR Gas Bag pressure relief valve  
Q09.4-CONTROL Sensor on gas bag for compressor control
Q09.4-HP-MAN-6 Distribution Manifold for 6 high pressure tanks
Q09.4-HP-MAN-12 Distribution Manifold for 12 high pressure tanks
Q09.4-CYL-8 Standard 8 m^3 high pressure gas cyclinder
Q11.4-TC-20 Helium Gas Purity Meter