High Pressure Helium Gas Recovery


The High Pressure Helium Gas Recovery systems are necessary in situations where gas needs to be stored at high pressures for a given amount of time (either due to the process requirements, lack of storage space, need to transport the gas, etc.). The storage pressure can be as high as 200-330 barg. The storage capacity will vary as a function of customer needs. A detailed study is performed by the Quantum tech-team to optimize the investment.

Schematics of a Recovery System: Example of Quantum's Total Helium Solution

The Quantum solution is an all-metal solution (for the low-pressure buffer tanks and, of course, the high pressure vessels), making our design a leak-proof, high-purity system. Essential components and specifications of a high pressure, high purity helium recovery system are described below.

A. Low Pressure Compressor - Q09.4-REC

B. Low pressure intermediate storage tank, e.g. Q09.1-TANK-450

  • One tank holds the equivalent of 5 liquid liters of helium

C. Helium Gas Purity Meter to monitor gas contamination - Q11.4-TC-20

D. High Pressure Compressor - Q09.4-HRP series

  • reciprocating (piston) type
  • multi-stage
  • inlet atmospheric
  • outlet pressure up to 330 bar (5000 psi)
  • flow rates from 8 Nm3/hr to 44 Nm3/hr (5 scfm to 26 scfm) - higher flowrates possible
  • electric motor drive (gas or diesel motor drive available on special order)

E. High pressure distribution and storage

  • Standard high pressure gas cylinders, usually supplied by customer or bulk gas supplier
  • Manifold (Q09.4-HP-MAN) equipped with shut-off valves, bleeder valves, and pressure gauges as necessary


  • Helium Gas Purifier when the Helium gas exits the process contaminated.