Helium Recovery Systems


Helium is a non-renewable resource, which is becoming increasingly unavailable and ever more expensive. Under these conditions, it is becoming more and more attractive to recover helium right where it is used. This way, the need for purchasing helium, and therefore the operating expenses, are reduced. Our Total Helium Solution technologies lead to short payback periods. Quantum may consider, in addition to usual sales, alternate business models to address customer needs, such as leasing or long term contracts.

Depending on the customer needs, Quantum may select a standard solution which will save time and reduce costs, or when necessary Quantum will design tailored solutions. In either case, the end result is the same: an optimal system with minimum costs and maximum efficiency and reliability.

Helium Systems

Quantum manufactures helium recovery systems, helium purifiers, helium liquefiers, helium gas purity meters, as well as systems which use liquid helium superconducting magnets, MRI, helium-3/helium-4 milliKelvin dilution refrigerators, cryogenic measurement cryostats, small and large scale helium and cryogenic vacuum facilities.

Helium Gas Recovery Systems

In a typical application using helium, helium gas is generated; for example, liquid helium may be used to cool a cryostat and, as the liquid helium boils, gas is generated and vented from the cryostat through a relief valve. The Quantum technologies will recover the gas for future use, and when necessary it will subsequently purify/liquefy, etc. The different types of recovery systems offered by Quantum Technology are shown in the drop down menu.