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Green Hydrogen Purifiers and Liquefiers

As the world enters a new phase of renewable and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, green hydrogen is foreseeably a cost effective and scalable solution. Our decades of experience in gas (including hydrogen) purification and liquefaction, have allowed us to make this scale up in our business seamless.

We are excited to provide hydrogen liquefaction and purification solutions on a small and large scale to our global customers. Hydrogen liquefiers up to 15tons/day, based on hydrogen or helium cycle Liquefiers as well as hydrogen purifiers up to 15tons/day, to remove impurities from the raw hydrogen, before the liquefaction process.

Brochure – 20 litres per day hydrogen liquefier.

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Hydrogen Liquefaction

Hydrogen liquefiers up to 1500 kg/day, based on cold head technology, with a target of up to 10 tons per day.

Quantum Technology develops small-to-large hydrogen production plants, from kg/day to multiple tons/day units.

Hydrogen Purification

QTC has expertise in purifying hydrogen, custom order, and purifying hydrogen at various levels up to fuel cell grade.

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