Quantum Technology Corp. has developed a cutting-edge temperature-controlled cryostat tailored for ortho to para hydrogen catalyst testing.

Ortho-para conversion involves transforming hydrogen molecules from one spin state to another, optimizing their reactivity and usability in various applications. This technique has widespread applications in chemical and biomedical research, where precise molecular analysis is crucial.

Our innovative design offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for the testing of multiple reactors and interchangeability of catalyst bed volumes. With temperature control ranging from 120 to 20 Kelvin, our system provides precise conditions for optimal experimentation. This breakthrough research paves the way for Shell to further penetrate the burgeoning Hydrogen Energy sector, promising exciting advancements in the field.

This project is just a glimpse into Quantum’s extensive Hydrogen portfolio, spanning from ortho-para research and advanced cryostats to liquefying up to 1.5T of hydrogen per day.

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