Quantum Helium Management Corp., the operating spin-off from Quantum Technology Corp. successfully started the first helium Production Plant in Canada in over 40 years.

For Helium Sales please enquire at:
1 888 271 9466.

Quantum finalized a large, fully automated, high pressure recovery/purification system for a major industrial outfit in North America:

-Flow rate: 350 m3/hr (200 cfm)
-Helium purity: 99.995%
-Outlet pressure: up to 400 bars (6,000psi)


Do you experience difficulties obtaining Helium? Are you spending more than around $40-50k per year on Helium?

If so, we can most likely create a custom solution for you, so that you save money.


-About Helium

-About our helium recovery, purification, and liquefaction systems: please review our research-scale brochure

-About our airship services: please review the brochure presented at the 2013 Paris Air Show


Quantum is please to announce the launch of a new product: Refrigerated water cooler - please see picture below and our brochure

Quantum is pleased to announce its services for the Airship Industry:

-Helium recovery from airships/aerostats
-Helium purification service for lighter-than-air crafts