Quantum Technology Corporation

Since 1981

Quantum Technology Corporation is a global leader in creating custom applications for industrial gases. For over 30 years, our products have offered solutions for the separation, purification and liquefaction of industrial gases. We specialize in helium recovery and liquid helium systems. And, starting in 2014, we are the first helium producer in Canada. Combining all our capabilities, We are pleased to offer our customers a Total Helium Solution.


January, 2015

1. New Quantum project at the University of Lethbridge.

2. New generation of clean gas recovery compressors (ideal for helium and other noble gases):

  • Pressures up to 15 bars;
  • Flow rates: from 0 to 200 m3/hr;
  • Turn down ratio of essentially 100%;
  • Pressure regulation to maintain desired pressure in the recovered system;
  • No need to use bulky gas bags.

3. New generation high pressure compressors:

  • Pressures up to 450 bars;
  • Flow rates: from 0 to 100 m3/hr;
  • Oil removal - clean gas leaves the compressor;
  • No losses - all gas is recovered.

August, 2014

Quantum Helium Management Corp., the operating spin-off from Quantum Technology Corp. successfully started the first helium Production Plant in Canada in over 40 years.

For Helium Sales please enquire at:
1 888 271 9466.

June, 2014

Quantum finalized a large, fully automated, high pressure recovery/purification system for a major industrial outfit in North America:

  • Flow rate: 350 m3/hr (200 cfm)
  • Helium purity: 99.995%
  • Outlet pressure: up to 400 bars (6,000psi)

May, 2014

Quantum is please to announce the launch of a new product: Refrigerated water cooler - please see picture below and our brochure

February, 2014

Quantum is pleased to announce its services for the Airship Industry:

  • Helium recovery from airships/aerostats
  • Helium purification service for lighter-than-air crafts
  • Please review our brochure for airship services.


  • To learn about our helium recovery, purification, and liquefaction systems, please review our research-scale brochure.
  • If you are interested in blimp or balloon advertising, please visit the website of our partners, Blimp Works, Inc.
  • Learn About Helium.