Quantum Technology Corporation

Since 1981

Quantum Technology Corporation is a global leader in creating custom applications for industrial gases. For over 30 years, our products have offered solutions for the separation, purification and liquefaction of industrial gases. We specialize in helium recovery and liquid helium systems.

Quantum Helium Management Corporation

Since 2013

We are the first helium refiner in Canada. We produce and sell helium gas and build helium refining plants for us, our customers and our partners.

Combining all our capabilities, we are pleased to offer our customers a Total Helium Solution.


January, 2019

Quantum is developing a 260 liters per day helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system - the first of its kind. The system uses Quantum's state-of-the-art All Metal concept. The project, developed in collaboration with an exquisite group of labs and universities, is to be installed later in the year at a US National Lab site.

November, 2018

Quantum installed and commissioned the first QuantumPure CS TRIGAS helium recovery and purification, nitrogen generation and air supply system for the cold-spray industry. The system at North Eastern University in Boston is the first in a series of systems to be completed this year. Another similar helium system has been installed and commissioned at the Army Research Lab.

March, 2018

Quantum shipped its advanced mobile helium liquefier to NIST, USA. Its size and features makes this unit ideal for multi-lab sharing, as well as liquid transfer ease. Its quick connect and disconnect take only minutes.

March, 2018

Quantum is pleased to introduce a new product: fully automated neon separation and purification system. The system is particularly designed for the semiconductor industry.

February, 2018

Quantum is in an advanced manufacturing phase of a Helium recovery and purification system for NASA. The system recovers and purifies Helium to at least 5-9s purity, removing Hydrogen and other contaminants using QuantumPure proprietary technologies. The automatic process will allow NASA to save valuable Helium for re-use in its applications.

September, 2017

Quantum commissioned the fully automated, stand-alone helium purification and nitrogen liquefaction system for the nuclear industry based on its proprietary technology, for a major US manufacturer in New Mexico. The system essentially removes the need to buy/transport/handle large amounts of liquid nitrogen.

August, 2017

Quantum commissioned the fully automated, stand-alone helium recovery and purification system for the metal processing industry based on its proprietary technology, for a major US defense manufacturer. The system recovers over 97% of the helium used, essentially removing the need to buy this expensive, noble and non-renewable gas.

January, 2017

Quantum commissioned the first 80 Liters Per Day helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system for a leading NMR facility in the United States, based on its state-of-the-art liquefaction technology and its All-Metal Recovery System.

December, 2016

Quantum commissioned a fully automatic recovery and purification system for the cold-spray industry in collaboration with UTRC, ARL, VRC Metal Systems and MOOG Aircraft Group.


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