Quantum Technology Corporation

Since 1981

Quantum Technology Corporation is a global leader in creating custom applications for industrial gases. For over 30 years, our products have offered solutions for the separation, purification and liquefaction of industrial gases. We specialize in helium recovery and liquid helium systems.

Quantum Helium Management Corporation

Since 2013

We are the first helium refiner in Canada. We produce and sell helium gas and build helium refining plants for us, our customers and our partners.

Combining all our capabilities, we are pleased to offer our customers a Total Helium Solution.


July, 2016

Continuing its tradition in the NMR field, Quantum concluded the design and is in the process of installation/commissioning of a 80 liter/day helium recovery, purification and liquefaction system in a major NMR facility.

July, 2016

Quantum updated its offer for research-size nitrogen liquefiers in the range of 20-1000 liters/day. Quantum guarantees the best warranty, service and overall value in its class.