Featured Market: Airships


The helium scarcity and the resulting high prices have made the cost of filling everything from a party balloon to a large Zeppelin prohibitive. Thus, filling a 5,000 m3 (approx. 170,000 cf) balloon with helium may cost in the neighborhood of $100,000 in selected places. Therefore, recovering the impure helium in an airship will avoid spending important sums of money.

In order to address this key aspect, Quantum Technology builds helium purification and recovery systems that minimize the waste of helium and boosts your aerostat's or airship's availability.

Our series of QuantumPURE purification systems are designed to run safely and autonomously. You can purify moored airships overnight, secure in the knowledge that the system will operate without intervention and oversight. This allows recovery of lift and minimizes make-up Helium needs.

QuantumPURE Features

  • An optimized design to fit your operation needs and minimize costs
  • Simple to use, designed for one-person operation
  • Easily transported, can be skid or trailer mounted
  • All valves and seals are field-replaceable
  • Helium compressor can be electric or diesel powered
  • Venting of air and water with a minimal loss of Helium

QuantumPURE Overview

The QuantumPURE system can be thought of as a powered filter. Impure helium is drawn from the airship, compressed, purged of contaminants and returned to the airship via a dedicated fill-line. Contaminant vapours and liquids are ejected safely from the system.