Quantum Liquid Systems


Quantum Technology is a global leader in providing turnkey liquid systems to our customers. Regardless of the size of the system or its complexity, Quantum can offer you a reliable and cost effective system. We can either use our own components or put together solutions using third-party components, this giving us the flexibility to select the best products at the lowest prices.

Our extensive experience in putting together liquid helium systems spans across the World, with systems installed in some of the top research facilities on all continents. Recent installations have taken place in Canada, US, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East, etc. (list of references upon request).

We invite you to contact us early in the project, in order to define properly your needs and get the best system (less) money can buy. We are going to optimize the design and the CAPEX/OPEX ratio, for a reliable and cost-optimized system.

Schematic of a liquid system, part of Quantum's
Total Helium Solution